VMS® Vessel Map – Enhanced Visuals and Control

Shipment visibility is more important today than ever before. Vessel schedules are changing almost daily with vessels backed up at ports and missing normal rotations. Century’s teams are working to improve visibility by capturing and verifying information from myriad sources including carriers, websites, portals, and other networks. We just released an enhanced version of the VMS® Vessel Map to make it easier for you to quickly see the location of each vessel and the containers on that vessel.

This update includes a redesigned vessel map view with new controls and more information. Hover over a vessel to see additional information and click the vessel to open the vessel stat card. The card shows real-time shipment data including location, cost of goods, estimated discharge date, and terminal details.

Map Toolbar

The latest version of the Vessel Map includes a new simple access toolbar on the right side. Just click any of the icons on the toolbar to open additional features.

Filter Icon:

  • Include vessels that are en route and/or at discharge port.
  • Vessels trending on time.
  • Custom filters to view vessels that are late based on # of days.

Please note the “Status” filter is still a beta feature.

Vessel Icon: 

  • See a list of your active vessels, click a vessel to zoom into it.

Search Icon: 

  • Opens the standard VMS® search to allow you to search based on key fields.
  • You can save searches for future use.

Grid View Feature 

You can quickly toggle between map and grid view with just one click on the Grid View icon.

Once in the grid view, you have access to all the standard VMS® grid features including filtering, column grouping and sorting, color coding, and export to Excel.

What’s Next?

  • On Schedule – White
  • Docked – Green
  • Late 1 to 2 days – Orange
  • Late 3 days or more – Red

We realize the visual representation is only as good as the data behind it. We have a full team dedicated to finding more sources of data and building out additional controls to validate the information received and only present data that is trusted. You can expect to see improvements to the data quality over the upcoming months as we source data from more providers and take additional steps to cleanse and certify each event.

Do you have a feature you would like to see added to the map? Send a quick note to our VMS® Product Team at VMSProductTeam@cds-net.com with your suggestion. We’d be happy to hear from you!

Thank you for your continued support.


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