An Enhanced Way to Visualize Vendor KPI’s and Container Utilization

As we continue our efforts to enhance the VMS® Analytics user experience, we are pleased to announce that two upgraded dashboards are now ready for your use. Enhancements have been made to both the Vendor KPI Dashboard and the Container Utilization Dashboard! Please see below for details.

Vendor KPI Dashboard

By optimizing the backend logic, we have rebuilt the Vendor KPI Dashboard to improve page loading performance, so you can navigate the dashboard tools more quickly and efficiently. In addition, we gave this Dashboard a renewed look and feel, but the three key metrics remain the same:

1.       Booking Submission on Time

2.       Goods Received on Time

3.       Documents Submitted on Time

With filter choices including date, company, load port, vendor, and freight type, you will be able to visualize the origin’s tonnage, as well as the performance by vendor and month from booking to product received with specific on-time percentages based on your preference or needs. All the previously existing functions remain available, including being able to export data to excel and full English explanations of the logic behind each metric.



Container Utilization Dashboard                             

The Container Utilization Dashboard has been upgraded to include a new page – the Vendor View. This view focuses on CY/CY vendors and compares the average container utilization of these vendors to your SOP utilization targets.

To access this new view, simply click on the “Vendor View” link at the top banner, once you are in the Container Utilization Dashboard.



Contact your Century representative today to set up a demonstration or learn more about our full suite of VMS® Analytics Dashboards. As always, our teams are here to support you with any questions!


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