Introducing the NEW Carrier Transit Time Dashboard

As Just-in-Time ordering and Speed to Market demands increase in complexity and importance, Century is releasing our new Transit Time Dashboard to illustrate your average transit time by lane through VMS® Analytics. Understanding how long it really takes to move product from factory to final destination is critical. Underestimate the transit time, and you may need to expedite product or risk losing sales. Overestimate the transit time, and you may end up with unwanted inventory and increased carrying costs. Consisting of three views, the Transit Time Dashboard enables you to dive into these key metrics and determine where planners can tighten up lead times, and conversely, where they need to build in extra days based on historical performance.

Actual Transit Times View

This view shows the actual days from goods received at origin to delivered at final destination, using carrier EDI events.


  • Understand origin dwell and factor it into your planners’ lead times.
  • Work with carriers to understand where longer transits are occurring and pinpoint when extra days are accumulating (i.e. origin dwell vs. ocean transit vs. final mile).
  • Filter by origin, discharge port, destination or carrier. You can even filter by discharge port region, i.e., Gulf, East Coast, or West Coast.

Port-to-Port View                                   

Take a focused look into which carriers have the best port-to-port transits. This view will be especially beneficial for customers who transload or terminate containers on either coast. You can easily check the ocean leg against your expected timelines.

Actual VS Estimated View

Using the original plan based on carrier schedules, see what the ocean shipment and delivery expectations were for your shipments. Is the inland or final delivery leg under or over-estimated? Do we need to work to adjust those key transit matrices? These key metrics provide insight and analytics for better decision making to optimize routes and improve operations.

The Transit Time Dashboard will help you engage effectively with carriers during business reviews. Are they delivering on the promises that led you to award them your business? You can compare the performance based on your business needs and benchmark each carrier against “published” schedules or transit time commitments made during the bidding process.

Contact your Century representative today to set up a demonstration or learn more about our full suite of VMS® Analytics Dashboards. As always, our teams are here to support you with any questions!


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