VIZIV Supply Chain Platform

One System, One Source for all of your supply chain data and activity.


Century was the first ocean cargo management company with a web-based platform. That platform, VIZIV has evolved and grown into an award-winning global supply chain solution that can be customized and adapted to meet your unique supply chain requirements. Most of our competition have given up and moved to one of the many off-the shelf solutions available in the marketplace. Those solutions work, but they will force you to change the way you operate. In today’s world, supply chain and logistics are often a game changer and unique identifier for companies trying to compete for market share.

You don’t have time to change everything you’ve built to adapt to an off the shelf solution. VIZIV is the solution that adapts to you.



VIZIV is designed, built and maintained by Century staff.

No Implementation Fees.

One global database updated in real time and accessible anywhere on the planet.

No seat licenses or subscriptions fees.

One System that manages Century’s operations, the vendor processes, customer visibility and service provider analytics.