Domestic TMS

Take control of your Domestic supply chain and manage all aspects of your inbound freight


VIZIV provides full visibility to your domestic freight moves, creating a more efficient, responsive supply chain. From vendor booking to carrier routing, information is shared seamlessly amongst the key stakeholders to quickly process bookings, identify potential issues, adjust plans, and offer control at each step before these can impact your supply chain. VIZIV combines an effortless integration with a user-friendly interface, making communication simple amongst your entire supply network.

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Easy and simple vendor interface to create bookings, request pick-ups, receive customer carrier selections and appointments.

Increased data integrity and process automation through VIZIV reduces manual entry work, captures key booking/approval milestones, and frees up valuable team resources.

Clear purchase order and shipment exceptions outlined to the customer to approve or adjust plans.

Dedicated Century team available to help you from training on our platform to daily operations – we work with you on every step of the way to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Tailored and customized VIZIV views and workflows to facilitate the efficient operation of your supply chain with full visibility to every step of the process.