Origin Cargo Management

Take control of your supply chain: Century provides the real-time visibility you need as your goods move around the globe – from your supplier’s door to yours!


Century teams located around the world work directly with your suppliers, carriers and other service providers to ensure each shipment arrives at your destination on time at the best overall cost. Century’s VIZIV system orchestrates the process checking to see that shipments meet all requirements and expectations. Your suppliers have instant access to relevant purchase order data to start and drive the flow of goods.

Advanced analytics are used to visualize the flow of goods and the performance of each supplier and carrier allowing for continual adjustments to enhance overall supply chain performance.

Century’s teams are an extension of your purchasing and logistics teams. We are there to be your eyes and ears to work with your vendors in their language, as well as offer expert advice on integrating our system with your business requirements to build a globally trusted supply chain.



Century resources can help reduce the work effort from your teams.

Century’s VIZIV system provides one consistent platform for supply chain visibility, centralizing and systematically validating the data from any of the partners you work with today.

Consolidation and shipment optimization help to reduce overall ocean freight spend.

Improved visibility with the ability to make real-time decisions accordingly allows for reduced lead times and operating costs.