E-commerce Fulfillment

Fulfill your E-commerce orders directly from Asia


Why wait until product gets to your DC before fulfilling an E-commerce order if it can be fulfilled directly from Asia? Take advantage of new parcel tracking solutions and the increased de minimis value to reduce lead time and enhance the customer experience while saving on import duty costs. Century’s VIZIV provides an integrated solution for e-commerce fulfillment from PO placement to vendor delivery, as well as consumer level picking and packing, order dispatch, and delivery status. Our warehouse teams can also perform QC services to ensure the products meet the expectations of both you and your customers.

Our team of experienced logistics engineers will work directly with you and your team to develop a customized solution that will allow you to fulfill retail or online consumer orders direct from Asia to your customer.



Bypass domestic distribution centers reducing cost and time.

Take advantage of the CBP de minimis import duty exemption for parcel shipments valued at $800 or less.

Reduce order fulfillment lead time and improve customer experience.

Full PO life cycle management through VIZIV from your vendor to your customer’s door – literally!