Omnichannel is the next normal

E-commerce has become more prominent in 2020 and changed the shopping habits of consumers. Consumers have become accustomed to the use of digital technologies and expect a seamless shopping experience across all channels, including fast delivery. Businesses must streamline their manufacturing and distribution models and plan for diversification to offer omnichannel fulfillment like in-store pick-up for online orders.

A dynamic and flexible supply chain that allows you to meet customer demand in the right place and at the right time is a critical success factor. The modern supply chain is customer-centric and those that have adapted or can quickly adapt to this shift towards omnichannel can capitalize on the transition of consumer demand, drive better engagement, and increase brand loyalty.

Here are a few ways through which Century is helping customers achieve their Omnichannel strategy:

  • B2C Distribution Directly from Asia – A variety of parcel tracking solutions and an increased De Minimis Value (a country-specific price threshold below which no duties or taxes are charged on shipments) helps to increase traceability and reduce lead time while lowering total supply chain costs.
  • DC / Transload Bypass – Comprehensive fulfillment program to build direct store loads (pick & pack) from our Asia CFS facilities and bypass Transloads / Distribution Centers (DC) at destination. Providing cost-savings and streamlined data transmission while facilitating hassle-free fulfillment in-store.
  • Deferred Allocation through VMS® Inventory Module – Seamless inventory visibility for smarter resource allocation and increased efficiency. Greater supply chain transparency and the ability to make decisions based on latest demand reduce stock levels and provide optimization across channels.

Century is well positioned to support our customers in ensuring their supply chain is synchronized to enable an optimal omnichannel experience. Speak with your Century contact today to find out more!



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