Driving the Electric Future: Century Supply Chain Solutions rolls out first six electric trucks in China to support our customers’ commitments to decarbonization

Century Supply Chain Solutions is proud to announce the unveiling of our first six electric trucks in Shenzhen, China. In collaboration with our local trucking partner, this initiative serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment to supporting our customers in achieving their carbon reduction goals.

Each of these new 100% electric 5-ton trucks have 16 CBM capacity with a redesigned wide floor, enabling transport of seven loose pallets, surpassing the capacity of the standard 5-ton diesel truck which can only hold four to five loose pallets. This increased capacity offers both enhanced utilization and carbon efficiency.

These six electric trucks combined are expected to travel over 468,000 km each year with zero tailpipe emissions. In contrast, similar diesel-powered trucks travelling the same distance would release over 1,460 tons of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere annually.

With sustainability top of mind at Century, this first batch of six zero-carbon electric trucks in Shenzhen, China, is just the beginning. Our relentless pursuit is to surpass customer expectations while simultaneously making a meaningful contribution to enhancing climate resiliency. Providing origin trucking capabilities throughout our global network, Century is collaborating closely with our trucking partners to enhance availability of electric vehicles as a first-mile transport solution to align with the evolving needs of our customers’ decarbonization initiatives.

In addition to the launch of these electric trucks as a first-mile solution, Century also offers a wide range of supply chain optimization solutions (smart consolidation, cross-border transportation, DC bypass, etc.) to help customers create sustainable and optimized end-to-end supply chains.

Reach out to your Account Manager today to learn more about how our 100% electric trucking solutions can help you reduce carbon emissions in your supply chain.