Century Supply Chain Solutions Leverages the Slync Platform to Streamline Origin Logistics and Drive Operational Efficiency

Century Supply Chain Solutions successfully integrated the Logistics Orchestration® technology of Slync, Inc. (“Slync.io”) into its VIZIV Supply Chain Optimization Platform to fully automate the ocean freight booking process.

The Slync platform supports VIZIV in consuming and interpreting the constant flow of emails and attachments that coincide with container bookings, saving origin operations teams hundreds of hours of manual effort each week. This allows Century’s local teams around the world to focus on what matters most – ensuring their customers’ shipments arrive at the right place, at the right time, and the right cost.

Century Supply Chain Solutions is a tech-focused global logistics service provider with offices and facilities in every major shipping port spanning all continents. Combining the latest technology capabilities and decades of industry experience, VIZIV is Century’s proprietary supply chain optimization platform. As experts in origin cargo management, Century Supply Chain Solutions is trusted by Fortune 100 companies, North American retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers with its comprehensive supply chain visibility technology combined with expert partnership.

“We are thrilled to be contributing advanced innovation to the Century technology portfolio,” said John Urban, Chairman and CEO of Slync. “Their technology and their people together make them one of the most customer-focused companies in the business. Slync’s ability to automate large volumes of disconnected, manual correspondence associated with each container booking and organize it into a unified, real-time control dashboard is a powerful, first-of-its-kind capability. Century is the perfect partner to help transform the industry together.”

“Despite tremendous progress in digitizing logistics over the past decade, the ocean booking process is still reliant on emails, portals, and non-standard documents that add time and cost for all parties,” said Mark Gorman, President & CEO at Century Supply Chain Solutions. “The integration between VIZIV and Slync is a key component of our ability to provide digitalized logistics and real-time global supply chain visibility to ensure our customers can stay ahead of their competitors.”

With Slync, operators have access to contextualized information updates associated with an ocean freight move in a single, standardized dashboard. The improved visibility and timing of information eliminates hours of manual effort and prevents supply chain disruptions that often result because of inaccurate or latent data.

“Industry wide, roughly 30% of carrier bookings are rejected or vessel schedules are being changed” said Stephanie Herminjard, COO at Slync. “If you factor that failure rate with the amount of time that is spent updating systems and managing changes to shipments from the various supply chain parties, the impacts add up fast. Slync solves a huge problem that has largely been underestimated until now.”

Century first leveraged the Slync platform in the Fall of 2022 to support key Asia-to-North America trade lanes. The technology will be expanded to cover all international trade lanes in 2023.

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