Introducing My Dashboard Creator: Build Custom Dashboards in VMS®

Century is excited to introduce My Dashboard Creator – a new feature in VMS® Analytics that will save you valuable time by offering easy access to the data that is most important to you so that you are fully equipped to make informed decisions. My Dashboard Creator allows you to build custom dashboards made up of your choice of metrics from our VMS® Analytics Library, such as Carrier Contract Management, Vendor KPI, Container Utilization, and more, so you can create and save at-a-glance views that give you the most relevant information that can be refreshed at any time. Our VMS® Analytics Library currently contains 60+ metrics and will continue to expand. Each metric has different visual presentations, and you can drill into the metrics with the usual customizable elements including date range and filtering, allowing you to dive deeper without leaving the dashboard. Learn how to build your own custom dashboard(s) by following these 2 simple steps!

My Dashboard Creator

How Can I Use My Dashboard Creator?

Once you have logged onto VMS®, go to the left navigation menu and hover your mouse over “My Analytics” and click on it. This page is where all your dashboards are stored. To create your custom dashboard, click on the “My Dashboard Creator” card, or click on the blue “+” symbol on the top right corner of your screen. You can also find a shortcut by hovering your mouse over “My Analytics” to see the sub-menu and click on “My Dashboard Creator”.

STEP 1 – Build                                   

To start building your dashboard, click the “+” button inside any of the 6 quadrants. This will bring up the VMS® Analytics Library. Choose from any of the 60+ metrics from the Library. Metrics are organized by themes covering a vast array of areas relevant to your supply chain.

If you decide to replace one metric with another in a specific quadrant, simply use the “+” button that appears in the top right of the quadrant after a metric has been added. Any quadrant can be left empty.

STEP 2 – Save

Once you are satisfied with the visual presentations, save your new dashboard using the “save” icon in the blue banner on the top right-hand corner.

You can enter a custom name for easy identification before saving your new dashboard. Saving your work will create a new card under the MyAnalytics tab. The name you enter here will become both the title of the card and the title of your dashboard.

View Your Dashboard

To see your dashboard, go to the My Analytics tab at any time. All saved dashboards can be refreshed at your convenience to give you the most relevant information. Your imagination is the limit to how many dashboards you can create. Build your first dashboard today using My Dashboard Creator in VMS® Analytics!

A How-To Guide with step-by-step details is available for download below via the “Download Guide” button. This is a beta release, and we expect to continuously develop and expand this important VMS® Analytics feature. For any questions, support, feedback, or suggestions for future enhancements, please reach out directly to our dedicated team at We’d be happy to hear from you!

Download Guide


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