Locate Your Container Instantly in times of Supply Chain Disruptions

The US Railroad Strike has been averted as a tentative agreement has been reached between the railroads and the unions. If a nationwide rail strike had occurred, it would have affected 30% of the country’s freight and cost the domestic economy $2 billion a day, according to industry experts. The tentative agreement does not eliminate the possibility of a strike entirely as the agreement is still subject to ratification by the unions’ membership.

In today’s disrupted freight market, having the tools to access real-time, reliable, and accurate data to understand the impact of unexpected events is crucial to creating an agile supply chain. Century’s supply chain management platform, VMS®, is designed to help logistics experts in the global supply chain track their shipments with confidence in real-time from origin to destination. VMS® functions as both Century’s internal operating system and as the management and visibility tool used by our customers and their vendors.

With the level of complexity in the changing global supply chain, visibility throughout the entire shipping process is crucial.


VMS® is a Game Changer for Container Tracking Amidst Logistics Disruption

Century’s VMS® platform is the leading technology that brings together PO Management, Global Cargo Operations, and end-to-end visibility in one easy-to-use solution.

Prior to VMS®, tracking each shipment was challenging and time-consuming for our customers, who had to rely on manual processes. Additionally, the data received is usually out of date or inaccurate.

With VMS®, customers can predict and plan warehouse capacity and efficiencies in advance, gaining the time to manage common challenges like port congestion. At the same time, customers are also gaining more accurate, timely updates to better manage their stock levels.


More Visibility and Less Friction

Obtain Real-Time Transportation Visibility (RTTV) in every step of the supply chain process:

  • Your vendors use VMS® to book shipments, create and manage documents and build out load plans for outbound cargo
  • Century’s system is integrated directly with your carriers to exchange booking information and container events
  • From there we provide visibility to the location of your cargo through integrations directly with vessel positioning systems, port systems, railroads, and truckers.
  • Transloaded freight is managed in VMS® to maintain product visibility as it moves from ocean containers to domestic trailers.
  • Our Enhanced Shipment Visibility Engine collects, cleanses, and certifies all data to provide you with a single source of truth.


A Supply Chain That’s a Step Ahead

Through adaptable technology, human collaboration, and operational excellence, Century helps our customers create a supply chain that’s a step ahead. We ensure your cargo is routed through the most efficient channels to avoid delays.

You can always stay abreast of the changing global supply chain by receiving our monthly market updates and industry news. We help to anticipate situations that may impact product flow and take remedial action at the earliest possible opportunity, which allows you to minimize risk and keep products flowing.


Real-Time Monitoring & Traceability

To achieve real-time supply chain tracking, our global visibility platform enables you to track suppliers, facilities, and product locations real-time. Additionally, our exception management tool helps to ensure the entire origin process is working smoothly from initial vendor booking thru to delivery at destination DC. During the shipment process, we help to ensure supplier compliance and forward planning to mitigate supply chain risks.


A Better Experience Tracking Containers in the U.S.

Century provides a wide array of services including origin cargo management, vendor management, domestic freight management, destination services, NVOCC logistics services, and more.

During logistics disruptions and unexpected events, we are able to rapidly identify the markets and customers that would be impacted by both the immediate backlog of vessels and the broader disruption in shipping. We assist to make proactive logistics planning and manage businesses more efficiently and effectively.

VMS® helps to drive a more future-focused mindset, providing the ability to be proactive instead of reactive after a disruption has occurred. As your trusted third-party logistics provider, we combine the power of our people, technology, and network to deliver accurate and trusted visibility, enabling us to manage our business more efficiently and effectively, and better support our customers.


Track Your Shipment on VMS®

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