Global Trade Magazine knows the difference Century Supply Chain Solutions makes

We are thrilled to announce that Century Supply Chain Solutions has been recognized as a Tech-Savvy Leading 3PL Provider in the prestigious 2023 Leading 3PL Provider list, unveiled in the August-September edition of Global Trade Magazine. This recognition underscores our unwavering dedication to harnessing technology for delivering exceptional supply chain solutions. As highlighted by the magazine, our customers enjoy an AI-powered supply chain optimization experience that keeps them a step ahead of the competition. At Century, we take pride in providing our customers with cutting-edge, AI-driven solutions that elevate their supply chain operations to new heights.

Jane Wong, Vice President of Customer Experience, takes great pride in seeing our hard work pay off. She explains, “As a value-add tech solution for our customers, VIZIV truly powers every facet of our global operations. Every day, we take pride in equipping our clients with the confidence to plan ahead in an industry where uncertainty is the only constant. By combining cutting-edge technology with our logistics expertise and global network, Century delivers a comprehensive solution that optimizes both the digital and physical aspects of the supply chain. Our innovative approach enables clients to navigate uncertainty and achieve success with confidence.”

VIZIV is specifically designed to address the challenges faced by the logistics industry by continuously aggregating and analyzing data, providing unparalleled visibility.

Leslie Lyons-Martin, Senior Vice President Global PMO, understands the value of VIZIV firsthand, as she wished she had such a tool during her previous roles in managing origin cargo. She affirms, “Earning recognition in the ‘Tech-Savvy’ category serves as a strong testament to VIZIV’s vital role as the much-needed solution desired by the supply chain sector. Leveraging my prior experience in logistics at a prominent retailer, I pinpointed areas within the field of PO and origin cargo management that presented opportunities for enhancement. Through the implementation of VIZIV, we are proactively tackling these obstacles head-on.”

Whether you require real-time tracking or precise arrival predictions, rest assured that we have you covered.

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*Global Trade Magazine is America’s leading logistics magazine and round-the-clock news website focused on domestic and global expansion solutions, as well as education and tools for U.S. manufacturers that export and big box retailers that import.

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