Why E-Commerce is Growing at an Unprecedented Rate Globally

Global e-Commerce sales rose 28% in June 2020, according to an analysis by ACI Worldwide, making it the largest year-to-year (YoY) increase since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. The data, based on millions of e-Commerce transactions from global merchants, reveals that e-Commerce growth remains strong even as COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted. The shift towards online shopping may be long-lasting as consumer purchasing habits change.

Typically, older generations tend to be laggards in the adoption of new technologies and preferred purchasing at brick-and-mortar stores. The pandemic has changed how and where people shop and consumers representing older generations have embraced the convenience of e-Commerce. In fact, according to a McKinsey & Co study, e-Commerce continues to grow across all product categories in the United Kingdom and the United States, where online conversion rates were comparatively lower prior to the pandemic. Consumers around the globe are embracing online shopping, with many indicating they plan to continue to shop online even when traditional retail resumes.

The continuing prominence of e-Commerce in global markets presents many opportunities for both companies with current e-Commerce capabilities, as well as those that are developing their web-based strategy. We witnessed the same within our network, where e-Commerce parcels processed through our Shenzhen-based fulfillment center increased by 119% in July 2020 compared to March 2020 for one customer alone. From PO placement to vendor delivery, as well as consumer-level picking and packing, order dispatch, and delivery status, our turnkey solution connect all parts of the e-Commerce value chain, making collaboration with vendors seamless, so you can focus on customer satisfaction. Fulfilling e-Commerce orders directly from Asia is also emerging as an increasingly viable strategy for our customers, as a variety of parcel tracking solutions, and an increased de minimis value helps to increase traceability and reduce lead time while lowering total supply chain costs.

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Source: ACI Worldwide, McKinsey & Co



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