Managing the constantly changing ocean freight market can be a complicated process. Spot rates can fluctuate significantly based on shipping lines’ capacity, seasonality, consumer demand, regional market conditions. Century’s new Ocean Freight Cost Management Solution provides visibility to all your contracted carrier rates, NVO rates, and spot rates, systematically recommending the lowest cost option to ensure you always book the most competitive rate.

Key advantages of Century Freight Cost Management Solution include:

Instant Visibility to Ocean Freight Rates
Spot rates and any carrier changes are easily accessible in one centralized platform for instant visibility.

Reduced Manual Efforts
Our one entry-point for all VOCC’s and NVOCC’s ocean rate uploads eliminates manual intervention and streamlines evaluation.

Significant Cost Saving
Ocean freight costs are optimized to deliver overall cost control and agility to analyze several rates variations.

Reporting and Analysis
Data is analyzed to generate deliverable actionable insights. Cost avoidance is prepared on a weekly/monthly basis with average carrier rates and booked rates across your different trade lanes.

Ocean Freight Trend Analysis
Historical data is leveraged to provide visibility to ocean rates trends and enable strategic predictions for the market rate forecast.

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