The new Forward Planning Dashboard is now ready in VMS® Analytics. This Dashboard visualizes an 8-week window of shipment activity, consisting of a 4-week forward projection and actuals for the last 4 weeks, compared to the same timeframe last year. The Forward Planning Dashboard gives you a preview of future volumes as soon as they are booked, which can be extremely valuable information as demands surge leading into peak season and vessel capacity threatens to max out.

There are two main tabs on the Forward Planning Dashboard:

  1. Shipments Tab: Shipments in Booked, Pre-Ship, and Shipped status. With the added filter on these statuses, you will be able to visualize how the volumes are moving through the various checkpoints from plan to completed.
  2. Bookings Tab: All Bookings in Sent and Confirmed status. This view will show any near-term volume fluctuations calculated using the Estimated Cargo Delivery Date (ECDD) provided by the vendor on the booking. As peak approaches, we can work with you to push your vendors to book further in advance to give you a better view of what is coming.

We trust you will find this new Dashboard useful. As always, our teams are here to support you with any questions!

Shipments – Weekly Volume View

Shipments – Volume by Status (in CBM or FEU)

Bookings – Weekly Volume View

Contact your Century representative today to set up a demonstration or learn more about our full suite of VMS® Analytics Dashboards. As always, our teams are here to support you with any questions!


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