Century garners recognition on SupplyChainBrain’s list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners for the third straight year

Century, the tech-focused global logistics service provider powering the supply chains of the world’s companies, has been included in SupplyChainBrain’s list of 100 Great Supply Chain Partners for three consecutive years.

Century brings people and technology together to help its customers see problems before they get out of hand and seize opportunities before they get away. Century facilitates a strategic, responsive, proactive supply chain ecosystem that today’s “new normal” demands. Century combines relationships, expertise, and the latest technology capabilities including predictive AI for ETA predictions. Century’s new proprietary supply chain management and real-time transportation visibility platform, VIZIV, powers its customers’ supply chains to ensure they are a step ahead of the competition.

SupplyChainBrain has maintained a tradition of celebrating an annual list 100 Great Supply Chain Partners for twenty-one consecutive years to commend service providers whose technology, logistics, transportation or consulting solutions have made a significant impact on supply chain efficiency in recent years. Standing out in a competitive field of nominees, Century has been named a great supply chain partner this year for building flexibility and resilience within its customers’ supply chains to adapt to changing business objectives in response to varying economic tides, helping them build a supply chain that’s a step ahead of the competition.

“Receiving recognition from the clients who we serve each day is the highest compliment we can receive. Awards like these demonstrate that we are fulfilling the promises we have made to the businesses who have put their trust in us. While it is great to reflect and commemorate where we stand now in the hearts and minds of our clients, we refuse to remain stagnant in our mission to provide world-class support and technological advancements that simplify our clients’ logistics needs. Our new supply chain management platform, VIZIV, is second to none with user-friendly technology that serves as the eyes, ears and hands of every purchase order and piece of inventory that we manage for our clients. It is a great time to be here at Century and to our clients – you can expect even more of the value we add to your lives.” said Mark Gorman, President & CEO of Century Supply Chain Solutions.

Century will appear in the August 2023 issue of SupplyChainBrain magazine and on SupplyChainBrain.com as an honored member of this year’s “100 Great Supply Chain Partners”.

*SupplyChainBrain is a comprehensive supply chain management information resource owned by the Keller International Publishing Corp. Each year, it recognizes and celebrates the top 100 Great Supply Chain Partners through its annual award.

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