VIZIV Supply Chain Platform

VIZIV Supply Chain PlatformOne System, One Source for all of your supply chain data and activity. ONE SYSTEM, ONE SOURCE Century was the first ocean cargo management company with a web-based platform. That platform, VIZIV has evolved and grown into an award-winning global supply chain solution that can be customized and adapted to meet your unique supply chain requirements. Most
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Digital Control Tower

Digital Control TowerVIBE™ - A Digital Control Tower ready to manage each step in the supply chain process. DIGITAL CONTROL TOWER Control Towers have been around for years in our industry. Century started with human control towers which evolved into digitally orchestrated control towers using the VIZIV VIBE™ (Validations Integrated by Event) Platform. When we setup a new customer in
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Domestic TMS

Domestic TMSTake control of your Domestic supply chain and manage all aspects of your inbound freight EFFICIENT DOMESTIC VIZIV provides full visibility to your domestic freight moves, creating a more efficient, responsive supply chain. From vendor booking to carrier routing, information is shared seamlessly amongst the key stakeholders to quickly process bookings, identify potential issues, adjust plans, and offer control
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VIZIV Analytics

VIZIV AnalyticsMake the Most of the Data at Your Fingertips INTERACTIVE DATA ANALYTICS FOR BETTER DECISION MAKING Data is only as valuable as the insight you can gain from it. Supply chain operations are data driven, and we understand the importance of being able to mine this data for opportunities. We make access to your supply chain data and the
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