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Duties Deduction Program

Duties Deduction Program


Origin Transportation & Logistics Costs (OTLC) are deductible from cost of goods sold for import duty payable in the United States and Canada. Including fees like foreign inland freight, origin trucking, carrier-imposed THCs, as well as CFS Receiving, OTLC deduction can represent a significant amount of savings in reduced duties. Century works with our customers’ customs broker to ensure the right information is provided so that they can consider the OTLC reduction in import filings with the necessary supporting information.

Join other importers in benefiting from these savings today, in one of three ways:

  1. Using our VIZIV eDocs platform, customers can easily apply the Origin Logistics Cost to the standardized Commercial Invoice as a deduction.
  2. Customized, system-generated reporting with OTLC applied as needed by your Customs Broker.
  3. Transmission of duty reduction data through EDI to customs brokers or third-party providers

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