Carrier Contract Management (MQC) Dashboard 

The Carrier Contract Management (MQC) dashboard enables customers to digitize their ocean carrier service contracts and easily manage freight rates regardless of changing market conditions. It provides instant visibility and summarizes the fulfillment status of signed carrier contracts. The MQC table provides an overview of all active contracts as well as how many FEUs have been shipped on each. Gain the visibility needed to improve booking decisions, minimize costs, and meet MQCs.

The MQC vs Shipped bar chart displays the commitment per contract (orange), and how much has been shipped. When the contract is not on track to fulfillment, it will show the shipped bar in red. A contract is not on track to fulfillment when the shipped volume VS the committed volume is not proportional to the number of months of the contract vs the current number of active months.

For example, if a contract is twelve (12) months long and started one (1) month ago, the contract is 8% (eight percent) underway. If less than 8% (eight percent) has been shipped, the contract fulfillment is not considered to be on track. If more than 8% (eight percent) or more has been shipped, the contract is considered on track to fulfillment.

Century offers comprehensive solutions for efficient shipment management throughout the entire shipment cycle. The Carrier Contract Management (MQC) dashboard integrated with other solutions can improve operational efficiency and save costs along the supply chain.

How can I use the Carrier Contract Management (MQC) Dashboard?

  1. Access this dashboard through VMS®.
  2. Once you have logged onto VMS®, go to the left navigation menu and hover your mouse over “My Analytics” and click on it. This page is where all your dashboards are stored.
  3. On the “My Analytics” landing page, each dashboard is displayed as a unique card.

All VMS® users will have access to the Dashboard Page on VMS® Analytics. However, the dashboards you will see on this page can be varied depending on your role and responsibilities as dashboards are assigned at a specific user level.

Contact your Century representative today to set up a demonstration or learn more about our full suite of VMS® Analytics Dashboards. As always, our teams are here to support you with any questions!

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