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Hanoi, Vietnam
Posted 2 weeks ago

Job Details:

Operations Management

  • Assign teams, establish work processes and monitor staff performance to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Set minimum standards for operations group to achieve in workflow processes (e.g., FCR issuance, doc dispatch, PSA and SA transmittal, etc.) Ensure teams handle their assignments in a prompt, thorough, and accurate fashion (i.e., ensure staff provides quality service to customers)
  • Oversee day to day operations, help resolve problems, and assist staff with difficult issues
  • Help ensure the smooth working relationships with all vendors, agents, and service providers
  • Handle those daily messages which require a higher level of experience and/or English proficiency
  • Assist staff in interpreting and implementing instructions and procedures given by customers
  • Ensure work processes (data, documentation) of the operations group effectively meet the company’s internal financial/accounting requirements

Staff Management

  • Influence and/or recommend hire/fire decisions
  • Ensure new staff is trained effectively; develop staff for growth and new responsibilities
  • Monitor staff performance; conduct annual performance reviews
  • Cross-train staff to broaden their skills and provide quality backup during vacation or sick leave
  • Encourage and motivate staff to achieve peak performance
  • Influence and/or recommend staff salary decisions
  • Set a positive example for staff
  • Monitor staff performance against management standards (e.g. FCR issuance, doc dispatch, etc.). Continuously seek to improve these standards

Assist General Manager (GM)

  • Assist GM in achieving service quality objectives
  • Assist GM in monitoring the performance of contract warehousemen
  • Resolve problems related to consolidation when necessary
  • Assist GM to maximize shipping revenues and minimizing shipping expenses to achieve optimum profitability
  • Attend vendor meetings; maintain strong relationships with the vendor community to promote customer satisfaction and maximize business opportunities
  • Maintain close ties to the shipping community and keep abreast of current events
  • Assist customers in developing their logistics strategies or with cost analysis (as needed)

Special projects 5%

  • Assist in developing business plans and/or pricing schemes for new business opportunities (as needed).
  • Assist in management/operations of non-traditional services as needed (such as Witgang and Olivetti Import Deconsolidation, and Rinko Japan NVOCC program)
  • Provide special reports and analysis as requested by management (as needed)
  • Provide problem resolution as directed by Management
  • Optimize human and other resources; demonstrate expense control
  • Ensure staff properly handles invoicing and other key administrative tasks

Provide quality customer services

  • Set an example for all staff to follow in providing quality service to both external and internal customers (e.g., Accounting Dept.)
  • Provide prompt, thorough, and accurate responses to all queries from customers or Century-U.S. Ensure staff does the same
  • Provide value-added services for customers
  • Ensure customer’s satisfaction with our services
  • Act as liaison with Century’s overseas offices and agents where necessary
  • Ensure staff members use good telephone manners and communicate in a helpful, proactive fashion
  • Ensure proactive, accurate, and timely communication is provided to the consignee and Century–U.S.

Data Management

  • Supervise and train staff to ensure data accuracy and integrity
  • Monitor staff performance in meeting data standards (PSA and SA transmittal/accuracy, etc.)
  • Ensure customers understand the reasons for any revisions or problem data
  • Assist with new systems implementation (where necessary)


  • Maintain close ties to vendor community in efforts to build customer satisfaction and maximize business opportunities
  • Visit important vendors, buying offices, trading companies, and Far East offices of current and target customers as needed to maintain good rapport and Century name recognition
  • Sales, hospitality, and/or assistance for all customers or prospective customers traveling through the Region
  • Maintain close ties to the Shipping community and keep abreast of current events
  • Work to strengthen the relationship with KHK
  • Assist customers in developing their logistics strategies or with cost analysis
  • Other works arranged by the Manager or Supervisor

Job Requirements:

  • University graduate with Bachelor’s Degree or above in Business Administration, or Supply Chain Management is an asset
  • Extensive business experience within Supply Chain/Logistics or a combination of Merchandising and Supply Chain roles is an asset
  • Education and/or work experience overseas is preferable
  • Ability to work in a time sensitive environment and be results driven
  • Ability to embrace and adapt to change with a positive attitude
  • Excellent interpersonal and globally adaptable communication skills
  • Native English speaker is preferable
  • Fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese is an asset

Terms & Conditions:

Century Supply Chain Solutions is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to compliance with all applicable laws prohibiting employment discrimination.  All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability status, genetic information, protected veteran status, any other characteristic protected by law, or other applicable laws.

All applications will be used exclusively for selection purposes and handled confidentially by authorized personnel only. Your application may also be considered for other suitable positions within Century Supply Chain Solutions (please indicate clearly on your application if you would not like to be considered for other positions within the group.) Following the data privacy ordinance, all unsuccessful applications will be destroyed after an appropriate time.

If you are interested in this position, please send your full resume (in Word or PDF format) with details of qualification, experience, present, and expected salaries, and contact number to the Human Resources Division at cdsshhradmin@cn.cds-net.asia and quote the post reference number in your application.

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