Stretching along the western edge of the South China Sea, from the Gulf of Tonkin to the Gulf of Thailand, Vietnam boasts a 3,400 km coastline that is home to numerous ports and ongoing infrastructure development programs. These initiatives have been the subject of perpetually increasing investment over the last decade.

Vietnam is the leading country for infrastructure investment amongst ASEAN, currently spending 6% of its GDP on this sector, compared to the regional average of just 2.3%. The government has set ambitious goals for the development of the country’s transportation network, aiming to have 41 expressways spanning a total length of 9,014 kilometers across the country by 2050. In Q3 of 2023, 33.6% of the country’s 52.3 million-strong labor force was employed in the industrial and construction sectors.

Vietnam’s Seaport Master Plan outlines key objectives on development of its major international gateway ports by 2030. This includes expanding the capacity of its port system to carry up to 1.423 billion tons of goods and increasing annual container handling from 38 million to 47 million TEUs.

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