Due to its renowned reputation as an “oasis of stability” in Western Asia, Jordan positions itself as a reliable sourcing origin within the Middle East, ranking as the 3rd most peaceful nation in the region. Over the past four years, Jordan has climbed 20 rankings in the Global Peace Index, now placing it in the top 35% of all nations.

With the Port of Aqaba on the southwest coast being the country’s sole major port, Jordan has focused its investment on developing the Red Sea port. In 2001, the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority was established to ensure the commercial and cultural development of Aqaba as a regional trade hub. Aqaba’s annual capacity was upgraded to 1.5 million TEUs in 2015, providing direct access to Indo-Pacific trade markets. Additionally, Jordan leverages its favorable relationship with neighboring Israel to facilities smooth cross-border shipping and gain access to the 1 million TEU capacity Port of Haifa on the Mediterranean Sea.

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