Boasting the world’s longest coastline at over 243,000 km, Canada’s 18 major ports provide direct access to Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic trade lanes and are connected with the country’s Class 1 railroads to help nurture its flourishing US$ 780 billion per year export market and US$ 750 billion per year import market.

The country’s premier port, the Port of Vancouver, currently handles 142 million tons of cargo annually and is set to undergo a US$ 1.48 billion major expansion project following government approval in 2023. This project was approved on the basis that it meets 370 legally binding conditions designed to protect the environment and marine life around Canada’s West Coast. The project is anticipated to increase the port’s capacity by up to 60% as the country looks to proactively prepare for a projected boom in container volumes.

This growth is expected to be fueled in part by the opening up of the Northwest Passage to Arctic shipping navigation, which is anticipated to position Canada at the forefront of the future of global maritime shipping.

Century’s Canada network offers warehouse facilities, transload, drayage, DC programs, and cross-border trucking to the US for all our customers leveraging Canada for their destination services.

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